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Re: Tesco!

Post by Carmel »

I keep clear plastic freezer bags in my shopping bags..weigh the veg and fruit and place in the bag with a label on rhe food not bag...I do the self scan as I go round... so can pop straight into my shopping bag. When I get home I just empty and put away..I refuse to buy those bags they provide...

Re: Tesco!

Post by Leanne »

I think Tesco is incredibly expensive now. It used to be super cheap. I was able to buy a weeks worth of food for £5 with their everyday value range a few years ago when my situation was absolutely dire. I wouldn’t like to try that now

Re: Tesco!

Post by Pam »

I buy my onions from Lidl.

Half the price of Tesco and you get twice as many.

They’re packaged in a string net.

They’re also a stronger onion.
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