What message would you give your younger self?

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peer to peer advice: What message would you give your younger self?

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1. Life is going to really suck for most people starting around 2020, so get the important things you want to do finished before then, store up lots of popcorn and watch the show marveling that people will actually come to enjoy eating bugs.

2. For my teen stuff, one day you will mature and stop making really bad writing with bad ideas. Also why stop with the idea of gay men can only get guys without their permission. And where do gay Vulcans idea come from, especially ones who avoid logical ideals to get a man to love him.

3. Finish! (I would counsel, whip in hand - so many half-realized projects w/ commercial potential - they clutter my house and haunt me!)

4. Stay in shape! Always have an exercise regimen and always keep enjoying life - ya know, like you have been doing.

5. Avoid the short girl and save yourself seventeen years of regret. Pick someone as kinky as you are to marry. Just because you're really good and successful at something doesn't mean it will make you happy.

6. Don't fear rejection. Read your manuscript as if you are a complete stranger. Manage your expectations.. Read and re-read your work as you go. Be true to your inner voice but remember that voice isn't always right. Just write, don't worry if you write and read your work and Hate it. Just begin again till it works. Look at your work as if through a.camera lense. What do you see through A camera lense that could help with your focus.

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