I've lost a lot of my interest in the story and character

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Nearing the halfway point of my second novel and I’ve lost a lot of my interest in the story and character.

This project started off well, even better than my first book. And I have no problem forcing my butt into the chair and going to it, but I’m looking to rekindle my excitement for it.

Maybe I need to bring in a new character or some unforeseen event. My gut tells me to stick with the story and not go off on tangents.

Or maybe this is when I need to learn to persist in the face of diminished inspiration.

Thanks for listening!

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Did you plot it all out before you started so that you knew where your high points were to maintain interest?

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Maybe write the last chapter next. Then start thinking about how you get there.

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I had a section of a work in progress that just would not come together these last few weeks. I wrote into it via 3 different perspectives. And like you I was finding it all dull and uninteresting, to myself.

Suddenly this morning I took the 3 disparate ways of progressing towards the next scene (already written) and interest returned and via a merger of the 3, I found a pathway from the middle of the book advancing towards the ending (already written).

And to my eye the progression is in integrity with the rest of the book. Almost miraculous.

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Take a break....play around with some (very) short stories or character sketches until you get motivated again. Take some of the minor characters and work out their story. You might not end up using them, but it gives you a different insight into your work.

Works for me.

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I would suggest you go back and look at the character and see what you do and don’t like about them. Multidimensional characters with interesting flaws are often more likeable. Maybe then recut the character.

It may also be because of the situations you have put them in.

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Try drawing a mindmap of where you have got to so far... your vision may be redirected and/or enhanced...

Best wishes.

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