Here in Bulgaria.. How is it in your country?

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Hello everyone. I am from Bulgaria. I have written book about murders. My inspiration was the case of Chris Watts. Here in Bulgaria there is no chance of publishing it without giving significant amount of money, which I don't have. How is it in your country, because even if I publish it, they do not advertise you enough, so I will lose the money I put into it.

Thanks for the answers.

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You can self publish on platforms such as Lulu or Amazon without having to pay a penny. Clearly, it's possibly nobody will buy it, and all publicity is entirely up to you, but you can do it.

Or you can approach traditional publishers anywhere in the world - the internet lets you do that, and has done easily for a couple of decades.

In 2022, what country you are in doesn't really matter to much but taxation, you can publish anywhere, and you can approach publishers anywhere.

Of course, what has never changed is that your work has to be good, and you need to be completely fluent in whatever language you are writing in (or have it corrected by somebody who is.)

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Hi! I'm from Hungary, and this is the case by me too. I self-published my book here, but its a lot of money and you have to do the marketing too. (We don't have free platform, or what we have here has not much audience). I transleted it in English, do the cover myself, and published it through D2d. I sold some copy, but the pr is hard work.
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