I am writing my first non-fiction book. The topic is sibling grief

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I am going to self publish. But I will also hire editors and book cover artists and use a proofreader to make sure the final product is professional.

I know where to look to hire everyone except for two things...

a narrator for the audiobook version and a translator to allow me to publish the book into Spanish and French.

Any ideas where to find high quality narrators or translators that doesn't destroy my bank account? I am fine paying a fair price for professional work, but am wary of being taken advantage of too.

Thanks for ideas, guidance, advice!!

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I would do ACX. You can actually do a royalty share or a flat rate. But with a royalty share you're going to be paying forever, just not as much.

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You can hire a narrator on ACX.

You can find translators on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.
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