American capitalism

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Do y’all think a story that’s essentially a send-up of American capitalism masquerading as a superhero story would be popular?

Basically, taking the idea of “with great power comes great responsibility (to do good)” and making it accurate to real life. Since people with exceptional power already exist in real life, and seem to mostly use that power to avoid responsibility for anything and to do whatever they want. So, a superhero who acts that way and still views themselves AS heroic because they grew up in America where that attitude is normal.

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The Watchmen (film) is to me the best look at how different 'real' people would interpret the right way to use superpowers.

My view of the world being most closely shared with rorschach

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That seems like an overdone cliché, both in terms of individual heroes and settings as a whole.

Hell, isn't it the whole concept of Lex Luthor during his good days, particularly during his period where he was superman?

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Superheroes who aren't all that heroic or can't be bothered are actually reasonably common. Look at Deadpool, Hancock even Iron Man has a lot of shameless capitalist vs superhero tendency questions (especially through his father) with capt America as the counterpoint statist who then trade roles in civil war...

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Also not a superhero but Han Solo fits the concept too.
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