I am working on another rewrite, but the rewrite is starting to take on a life of it’s own

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My question is do you just write whatever comes to mind and then go back and scratch what you don’t want, or do you only write what you think you want?

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In the early drafts, I always write what comes to mind. I don’t know what’s going to be germane to the plot, and the characters will reveal key info or take me down more interesting paths if I let them do what they want. Side scenes can also be helpful for learning about my characters even if they get deleted in editing x

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I once scratched a whole chapter because it was an indulgence on my part. I realized that it wasn't germaine, to the story at all, when I'd thought about it. Perhaps a case of writing what I wanted? In any case, it was for the best. And I learned something from it too, even though it exasperated me to have to start over with it.

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I think you have to write whatever comes to mind. That way, you get to know the characters better and you explore other avenues, which could either make your story better or ease doubts that your original story is definitely how you want it to be. Eventually you have to stop writing new stuff during rewrites, but I think it's important to do that for the first couple at least, before you get to the boring part of editing and honing!

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There is an inspirational book called 'Writing down the bones' that advises to let your characters take you where they want to go. I think it is by Margaret Atwood.

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Editing as you go is a surefire way to bog yourself down and feel like you’re getting nowhere fast.

Throw it all down and worry about the rewrite after you’ve achieved the high of actually finishing!

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I once introduced a character for use in one chapter. As I wrote he took on a life of his own, In the end, I removed all of his story except for the original chapter. He really didn't advance the original plot.

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Try to avoid editing / polishing as you write because it wastes time and holds you back. I wish I had developed a better routine - writing first and editing later. You have to do some as you go, just avoid weighing everything until you get something on the page

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I, myself, have never contemplated jumping off a balcony as a "solution" to any problem that I am still actively trying to solve. Her actions seem a bit contradictory to me. If one is still searching for solutions, jumping from a balcony is not one that makes a lick of sense - even if she's panicking (which isnt clear because if she IS panicking, then she sure as hell wouldnt be noticing the night or fixing her hair). As a reader, I'm confused by this woman's motivations.
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