I'm wanting to test my editing services prior

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Hi friends!

I’m wanting to test my editing services prior to officially launching them on my website, so I’m asking my writer friends if they have anything under 2,000 words they’d like me to edit (for free) so I can test out the communications and gain some testimonials. This would be limited to 5-8 people.

Would you guys have anything you’d like looked over? Something even as simple as an email, bio, synopsis, caption, blog, etc.

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Would it be okay if it was next week? I'm working on a blurb but I'm thinking it'll take me several more days, lol. I would be happy to write a testimonial afterwards.

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I am working on a novella and may benefit from you reading over the first page or so. I’d be more than happy to write a testimonial, if you still need some!

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Are you still looking for people? I hope to finish the blurb for my back-cover in the next few days (nonfiction-biography) and would love to have you take a look.

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I've got a couple short stories that I might let you take a crack at. It is called All Dogs go the Heaven, 1591 words. Another one is called Friendly Visitor 1212 words. How do you do it? If you decide to use mine, do I post it here? Or send it privately? They both were blogged by me.

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Sure send me your email or private message me.
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