Which clothes airers is best, not heated?

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I need your suggestions and help... TIA

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I have one like the picture someone else put on, it’s in a room with a dehumidifier ( don’t fill it as the air can’t circulate around the clothes) and I hang some stuff on the curtain rail in the room too. Never put anything on the radiator as it stops the heat getting to the rest of the washing.

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we bought a dehumidifier. cheaper to run

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Peg hangers you can move around are great. You can use them inside or out, hang them at windows etc.

Much better than an airer that takes up floor space.

The larger peg airers can be used for shirts and even trousers as long as you don't overload them.

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Definitely dunhelm they have some for £12

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I just use a maiden most of the time. Spread so the item is over a couple of bars. I don't have the heating on as much as I used to but do flick it on and off, ensuring that the maiden is near it. I do have a wood burner, at the end of the night I pop the maiden near it to dry off.
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