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This board has been created to share any money saving ideas, tips and hints. Please contribute your thoughts so everybody can economise on their budgets.. This is NOT a selling site.

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  • note on your phone how much you pay for regular items like washing powder/tea bags/nappies etc to easily see if somethings a bargain or not
  • work out if buying in bulk then decanting into your usual containers is cheaper or not
  • avoid quick bursts of the hot tap...get in the habit of using the cold for rinsing things or wetting a cloth to save firing the boiler up unnecessarily
  • take a bag of pennies shopping, use the self service till, pour in your coins then press 'pay the rest with card'
  • write a list of meals you can make from what you have to easily plan the week ahead/spend less at the shops
  • buy big bags of carrots, chop and freeze ready to chuck in the steamer
  • if you're self employed and shop online for work try and use a site like 'topcashback' it definitely adds up over time (screwfix, toolstation etc)
  • be brave at the till! for example, if your shopping comes to £21.82, hand over a £20 note and ask to pay the rest on card to save breaking into another note, so far the cashiers iv met haven't minded
  • keep a store of carrier bags/drinks/snacks in your car boot to save spending when out and about

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I don't know if any company that would allow you to use sites for cash back

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That one with the bag of pennies is genius, and so obvious no you say it.

Why on Earth is anyone using those bloody machines that charge you commission. There’s one in Asda here but when you can use a self checkout machine and get full value… duh!

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Why put coins in and then pay with card?

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If you turn the spin speed down it will take longer for the clothes to dry so either longer in the tumble dryer or hanging around the house, liking the other suggestions though so thank you x

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I always pay with cash, I don't want to end up as a cashless society so that is my little fight back... once we go cashless the powers that be will have complete control over us which bothers me

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I have a Samsung ecobubble machine and I always use the quick wash(15/20 or 30 mins wash)and then put it on the separate spin anyway(12 mins) I very rarely use the longer programmes and my washing is always fine. Only me and hubby so no really dirty washing like.kids mucky clothes/work clothes etc.

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I started washing my hands in cold water and so at the start of the pandemic, when I read that the only way water could kill viruses and bacteria was if it was at boiling point. It’s the soap and length of time you wash for that’s important. Like many people it takes a while for the hot to come through and by then I’d just about finished washing them anyway xx

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I turn the speed spin down in the summer. Saves wear and tear on the machine as well as a few pennies. Fabric conditioner coats the fabrics. Only use it for bedding so it smells nice. Don't get the point of paying cash and card. I rarely use cash as it means getting to a cash point.
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