I use a lot more gas than electric

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I'm with British gas, they've sent the vouchers out, I've got 2, lost last month's and then found it again, I've just been on the online chat and been told I can only use them on the electric, I use a lot more gas than electric.

Has anyone used them on the gas or had them split between them both?


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In my post office, the lady took out the cash from the till and asked me what I wanted on what key and card. I don't know if she could have given me the cash but I had money that I wanted to top up as well. I suppose it doesn't really doesn't matter, some people have had a cash refunds in their banks from the energy company after the direct debit has gone through. No harm in asking the person serving you to top up the gas more

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My friend been getting vouchers and post office been letting him spilt it so just ask

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My sister is with British Gas. They sent her a letter with a bar code voucher. I read it that it was 6 months worth of vouchers on the one barcode. It took one ammount for October but when she went to use it for November's it declined. Could it be that was presented too soon. Or will it be separate letters and barcode voucher for each month.

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So mine goes straight on my electric which I thought wasn't fair but this year I seem to be using way more electric than gas so I'm happy

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Then u use them in electric n what u would cash on electric put on gas or get some blowers x

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The idea is that wat you would put on electric you put in your gas c

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I work in a post office and we have aloud people to split it. As long as your supplier for the voucher also is your provider for gas.

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Think it depends on the post office you go to as you can only cash them in the post office. Some are more lenient than others as I think it is supposed to all go on your electricity.
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The £66 goes on both electric and gas - I got paid the WHD and then the £66 payment and I’m still in credit for this months bill.

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I’m getting a voucher this month as they apparently couldn’t add to my smart meter. Yet I had the £150 warm home discount added and Octobers £66 added just fine. I was hoping to put my voucher on the gas. Anyone with SSE managed to put it on gas instead?

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I'm still waiting for the October one...said they had sent a voucher on the 20th October...on British gas u csn only have it on electric, same with the warm home discount

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I am receiving help with our bills. Money goes on the elec each month. I use the money I would spend in that to top up gas instead. However when we get warm home grant it has said if the supper agrees you could have it put onto gas instead of elec. Myb talk to your supplier.
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