Can anyone recommend kitchen appliance cover please?

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I'm currently with Domestic and general however the trouble I have had getting a washing machine repair is ridiculous. I have 5 appliances covered by them but can't get an appointment to fit around other commitments (it doesn't even have to be a specific time, just anytime after a certain time or a weekend).

I've worked out I'm paying around £30 a month ATM.

I'm now waiting to speak to their complaints department and if they put me through, which I doubt, it will be the 11th person I've spoken to in 3 days!

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Any company is only as good as the local engineers they use, D and G have local people, if you move to another insurer, you may get the same engineers again, just something to think about

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Can you not go online and book they have loads of appointments on there, I’ve always managed to book mine on there, once you’re booked you can look and see if there’s an earlier one as well x

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Most appliances are covered by warranty for 3-5 years. Might be worth working out if £30 pm is worth it? How many times have you used them?

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Nope, I wouldn't recommend any insurance other than car, home and life (if needed). Insurance is a tax on fear. You're much better off putting the premiums away in a savings account for just that purpose

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Domestic and general are really good. They do their best to give you the first appointment they can or work around you but if they don't work around your other commitments that's not really their be fair. If your washing machine needs fixing it should be a priority over other commitments where possible until the machine is fixed. You will only find the same with other companies unfortunately

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So most appliances come with a warranty of at least two years. If you just took that £30 each month and put it in a savings account where it would earn interest you would be able to replace the appliances when they finally died. My last washing machine was 11 years old when it gave up, and my fridge now is 9 years old. I personally think that the appliance insurance is a bit of a rip off. Once larger items start to go wrong in my experience, and they are older than a year or so, then they will carry on getting problems until they die completely

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I’ve never had any bother with domestic and general they replaced my washing machine and my tumble dryer twice as they were beyond repair , all the companies are the same they give you a day and tough time engineer will be in the area you can’t pick and choose unfortunately when the engineer comes

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I’m not sure it’s to do with D&G . I had a similar problem years ago with my cooker. Everything was hunky dory until I said it was a Stoves make. The said that it needed to be Stoves own engineers. I was lucky in getting an appointment but it’s obviously out of D&G control.if the manufacturer insists on their engineers, possibly for safety reasons. Glad you’ve finally got a suitable appointment.
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