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Last week no bags of onions (usually £1 per kilo) and no loose brown ones,only red.

This week, there were signs stating Tesco have done away with the bags to save plastic, now 30p PER ONION and you can buy a small, reusable, plastic veg bag for 30p!!

I bought 2 loose ones in Sainsbury for 21p last week😒

Needless to say didn't buy in Tesco, bought 1kg bag in Aldi for 65p instead... So be warned.

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I wanted one large red onion in Sainsbury’s last week. My husband picked up a net with three small ones in for £1. I put it back and picked up one large loose one that cost 15p. Loose is always cheaper. I just stuck the printed label on the onion! X

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I shop online with tesco and their cheaper range is harder and harder to get online but I go into my local one where my delivery comes from and there is plenty of stock of it so I don't understand it.

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Buy them on the market, much cheaper, fresher and a nice chat with the stall holder.

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We've not brought any in years... they are so easy to grow, even in a pot if you don't have a big garden.

I agree with the getting rid of plastic, it's so bad for the environment, but that price is taking the mick

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I just put the loose stuff on the conveyor belt with a label on one of them. I am not walking with even more bags.

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Boycott them all the supermarkets are screwing the supplier and screwing the customers

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I wish they would get rid of all these pre packaged packs, such a waste of plastic. Wasn't that long ago all the fruit and veg in supermarkets was in cardboard boxes and loose, it should come back. But by weight not per item

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I've shopped at Sainsburys for years but despite going to other places now and again, I find them unbeatable for price and quality. Meat is always good, fruit and veg good long after sell or use by dates, and own brands good. I stock up when things are on offer, buy yellow sticker food, often at 10p an item at the right time. Yes there are expensive things but not generally essentials. Nectar prices on a few items and extra points on others for things I regularly buy. I've got a Sainsburys credit card with points for everything I spend on it, and got gas and electricity with them which also adds to nectar points. Petrol also one of the best prices. In the last couple of months alone I've had over £25 in points. Before that I'd saved over £200 worth which I used to buy things from Argos to help my daughter set up in her new home. They also price match a lot of items to Aldi which I've tried but their fake brands aren't to my taste and fruit and veg just don't keep. I've just paid £40 for a 6 month delivery pass so can get deliveries over £40 any day and time. If I only use it once a week it'll be worth it.

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I've checked online for Sainsbury's prices, as we go there when the fuel is the cheapest locally. Don't go for a food shop as I thought they were more expensive. If you have the time and patience to check online first, Sainsbury's actually came up cheaper than Asda and Tesco for the items on my shopping list. You just have to be careful you don't buy too many additional tasty treats while your there
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