Best place to order a bed and mattress that’s not over priced but good quality?

This board has been created to share any money saving ideas, tips and hints. Please contribute your thoughts so everybody can economise on their budgets.. This is NOT a selling site.

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I need your suggestions and your help.

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Amazon, I'm buying a bed from there for my son comes with mattress and headboard.

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Mattress man read reviews ! I’ve been well impressed with what I’ve bought over last ooo must be 15 year now!

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Where /what area are you?

Bridge beds Ilminster, Essex, and very good . Just an idea a bed frame from market place & you would have more yo spend on a decent mattress,

I bought a Dormeo & was able to pay in 3 installments, best mattress I've ever had . Good luck.

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Look for small local bed shops (often on an.industrial estate). They still set up beds and matresses to try. I found one by using google maps and searching for bed shops near me

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Argos.. 100 day deal.. if you not happy you can change for another within 100 days - brilliant idea cant beat that, tho I am very happy with my new mattress...

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Don’t be tempted by Dreams …they left me sleeping on my floor for 7 weeks when they screwed up my order …not even an apology and they couldn’t cope when I complained .dreadful company

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My son works making all different mattresses and this time of year they can't keep up with orders, for special offers, some only cost £60 to make material wise.

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Bed factory, got 5 shops and they are made in Kirkby, but deliver everywhere, can't fault them.

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Dusk have some lovely bed frames and they have a sale on too. Great quality. I just purchased a silent night mattress from Argos as they’re 20% off so cost £320. So comfortable!

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Got my bed and mattress at budget beds brand new full bed set for ,£100 depending on area as was special offer in local paper including drawers built in base. There is always amazon or eBay they sell good quality beds and do deliver too xx

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I would test in store an buy one there, I bought 2 online both disasters had to send back. Memory ones get too hot, I got a Buckingham pocket spring firm £200 from local bed store.
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