New house with a pre-payment meter for gas and electric

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Can I ask for my daughter please. She has just moved into a house with a pre-payment meter for gas and electric. Do I assume correctly that there are no extra bills ot hidden costs to pay - you only pay for what you use by topping up the meter? You will never be in debt with the supplier?

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I have been on a pre payment meter for 30 years topping up by key or card when needed, I've always known I pay a bit more for the service and rental of the meter, the cost comes out once a week of your top up, for me it's the only way I can afford to pay, I have had a smart meter for about 4 years with no problems, I can still top up by card or via the app on my phone, I find it quite easy to use, living on a budget makes it easier to plan how much I use 🙂

If I do (which I dont) go into the emergency you will pay a bit more for using the privilege plus you'll have to pay back what you use out of your next top up

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I've moved into new place in the summer and it has a prepaid electric meter. I thought I'd change it as it more expensive but now 4 months on i really like it. I have economy 7 with it and i can budget with it. No extra charges or surcharge.

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Make sure there's no debt already on the meter, often people seem to leave having used emergency credit. I've been on prepayment since I moved into this property 11yrs ago, I could have changed but decided not to. I treat my meters like direct debit and put the whole monthly payment on at once. People say there more expensive but over the years rarely have I found that direct debit would be cheaper for us.

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As long as u don't go into ur emergency money and then don't put the money back on straight away u will be charged at a higher rate which they will take off when u do top up it happened to me while I wasn't using any gas and turned it off at the supply too so when I did top up with 80 quid I only got 38 in gas

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Get her to check that there's not debt on there from a previous occupant. When I moved somewhere with a prepayment meter, the previous tenant had it put in because they owed a fortune. The landlord let the energy company know they had moved out and gave meter readings, I then let them know the opening meter reading and my details when I moved in, but for some reason they didn't take off the debt that the previous tenant had racked up. I put £20 on the day I moved in and it was gone the next day. I topped up again and noticed £8 went instantly. I phoned up the landlord and they had no idea what was going on, so phoned the energy company who told me there was debt on the account. The energy company never refunded the money I'd paid towards a stranger's debt, but did remove the meter and replace it with a normal one after I insisted it was removed. I'm not the only person who's had this issue with old occupant's debt not being removed when someone else takes over the property, so just get her to check that she's only paying for her usage and standing charge.

Unit and standing charge prices are usually a little more for prepayment meters than standard ones, but there may be some companies where that isn't the case if she shops around.

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Yes correct Jayne but the price per unit is more expensive on a prepayment meter so in effect you’ll pay more . I prefer direct debit personally as it evens out my payments over the year .

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Again people having no idea how things work with energy bills. On a pre paid meter you can pay anything up to 10% more for you energy. A DD unless variable is a contribution towards your energy bill. As you build up a credit over the year to not get big bills in the winter months. And you can't compare what someone else is paying. As each household is unique in its energy use due to so many factors. I personally don't like the idea of pre paid and prefer to pay a set amount per month. Its a lot easier now on pre paid as you can top up by apps. But each to their own

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I've had a pre-payment meter for gas for years & years & wouldn't pay for gas any other way

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I've had my prepayment meters for years, yes there us a small rental charge, but it by far beats.the prices for some of the dds I've seen on here. You pay for what you use and the rental, I've never been in debt with it. Beats a huge bill every quarter.

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As long as you keep it topped up you'll never have a debt. They take a service charge off your credit, if you don't have credit then the service charge builds up. I hadn't put credit on my gas meter for about a year (all but heating is gas) and I owed £68 on the meter

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Exactly right, people say they’re more expensive but there’s no hidden costs and mine is actually cheaper than people on direct debits etc
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