Ring doorbells?

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Want to grab on Black Friday but I don’t know what I’m looking for! Help!

I’m pretty sure I don’t want a wired one because I don’t want to pay for an electrician.

Anyone guide a girl in the right direction?


Post by Vicky »

Hi. You want a wireless one not wired easy to set up and I set up my Alexa to let me know when some one is at the door.

Post by Richard »

Have a look at eufy. No subscription to store videos where as ring does charge.

Post by Stuart »

We have an ieGeek one from Amazon change from the ring cam and so much better

Post by Andrea »

I'm jumping on the ring band wagon here, we have one and my husband has it connected to his phone but certain other alerts on his phone play the ring doorbell tune🤷🏽‍♀️ anyone know why?

Post by Simon »

They are fab! We have the wireless one and bought a spare battery so can swap over when it needs recharging. We also bought a plug in ringer which is in the hall plus it links in with Alexa and iPhone. Easy to set up and fun to play with tones etc

Post by Katıe »

I would say go for a Blink one from Amazon. Just as good as Ring and if you buy a flash drive no monthly subscription.

Post by Lisa »

We have a battery one, but make sure you buy an extra battery. Easy enough to install. We also have a echo show which we linked up so we can see the front door on request. Also download the app. They are pretty much the same and we have the basic one. It records picture and sound. However, if you don’t have a well lit from door i don’t know how well it works

Post by Stacey »

I have the one you just charge up battery lasts ages too you just take it off the wall to charge, you can check the battery life on the ring app too, I got a echo show included in the deal on prime day think it was £60.00 for both hope you find the one that’s best for you xxxx

Post by Lucy »

My brothers a wiz with these things and got us an eufy one. No wires (must be a battery in the outside bit and the inside bit is plugged into a socket in the main room so we can hear the ring). Works off our home Wi-Fi and its been great
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