Gabbys doll house - is it worth the money?

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Does it do anything? I really had hoped to encourage something else but it’s mentioned almost daily that that’s what she would like for Christmas! I really begrudge buying so much plastic too!

Post by Jane »

I got mine in Argos with Nectar points after my husband told me I wasn’t to spend a penny on it as it is overpriced plastic crap. My daughter loves GDH and as she’s the youngest almost everything else she has is a hand me down so I was determined this was going to be something that was her choice. I’ve asked relatives to get the rooms to go in it. Her face when she opens it on Christmas morning will be worth it to me

Post by Stephanie »

For £80 plus for a bit of plastic that’s probably going to get lost and bits missing and probably broken plus having to pay for extra bits it’s not worth it, I mean if you’ve got the money to waste fair play, I’m only spending about £150 each on my 2 children so that £80 for that 1 toy is just too much.

Post by Joanne »

My daughter bought one with her birthday money. Hardly played with. Bits always falling off it and only a few figures. I’d look on market place or eBay for a 2nd hand one x

Post by Kerry »

My daughter asks me for it . I have bought it for her. But like a few others I didn't realise you had to buy more rooms

Post by Heather »

"worth the money" is a tricky question. It's cheap plastic rubbish and from that POV not at all worth £80. However my daughter loves it and it is played with constantly, so from that aspect it's absolutely worth the money!

Post by Chloe »

The dolls house it’s self comes with barley anything you have to pretty much buy the rooms and furniture for it they mostly £18 but there is 2 American exclusive ones which you can get for £40 off Amazon it’s good for little extra like birthdays you can buy a room for it and bring the excitement back once they get bored x

Post by Chloe »

Go and see it in a toy shop first, it's actually quite small and you need to buy all the extras for each room so it's alot for what it is... but I guess all ties are and if it makes her happy... that's what Christmas is all about...

Post by Bekki »

Yep just bought it for my 5 yr old it's all she's gone on about & asked for. I could've got something much better for the price, I've only looked in the box & looks cheap but it's what she wanted. I'm sure she will play with it & her 2 yr old brother so hopefully it'll be worth it!

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