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Hi 👋 Looking for some tech advice.

I'm not the best when it comes to laptops etc. However my 11 year old recently moved up to highschool and is in need of a laptop to do his homework on.

He's been struggling these last few months to complete what he can on his phone via Google teams etc.

These days it seems the homework is set on apps and online forums, instead of in books.

Anyway, I've been looking at some chromebooks as they seem to be within our prize range.

However I'm stuck on which one is best.

Does Microsoft work on them or do you have to buy it as an additional etc?

There's so many choices and brands. I'm lost and really want to get something now for Christmas whilst the prices are reduced.

Thanks in advance!

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My kids used Chromebooks throughout high school then laptops for 6th form and beyond. There are some decent refurbished Chromebooks on Wowcher for around £65 which should be ok for most High School work

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Chromebook is not good. You can fund quality second hand laptops on eBay.

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a Chromebook won't have Windows OS on it; it will have chrome OS. If you mean the Microsoft Office suite, you can use Google docs, google sheets etc... as free alternatives.. What will the predominant use of the Laptop be for? Do you have a budget in mind? that way people could recommend Laptops in your price range that may well perform better than a chromebook

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Microsoft will work on any laptop but usually you buy it as a yearly subscription. They may have a student price. If your son wants to play any games on the laptop, try and get at least 8gb of ram.
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