Tell me about air fryers! Are they worth it? What do they do? Pros and cons?

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Give me all the info!

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I tried it for the first-time last night. I struggle to use the oven due to bending. So, I thought I'd try a jacket potato in it. It took over an hour for 2 average size jacket potatoes.

Personally, I'm not convinced. I'm doing chicken in mine tonight, so, I guess we'll see but I doubt it'll be cheaper in the long run.

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  • Pros: they cook food.
  • Cons: they aren’t as big as a conventional oven.

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I’ve been an actifry convert for many years and at one time wouldn’t have anything else. However the newer dual tray for separate foods I’m sure are better (and prob cheaper) due to greater versatility . I do anything that can be chucked in together in mine so still versatile but not good for separates so I’d say better ones on the market now x

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We're really liking ours, we've not been too adventurous, just basic stuff but works perfect

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100% yes, I was skeptical but brought a cheap £59 one from asda its 6.5 Litre and I use it every day with out fail I'm a total convert will save for a nice duel one now x

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They clean, wash, hoover, take your kids to school.

Other than that, yes, they're good, saves time and electricity plus less oil and fats.
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