What does everyone do on Christmas eve?

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Family traditions ect last year I made Xmas eve boxes but after they'd ate the chocolate and got into the Christmas pj's they were bored.. 6 and 2 year old

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We have our Christmas dinner with family over on Christmas eve. Much prefer it as I'm not spending my day cooking in the kitchen on Xmas day and can actually enjoy with my children. We eat junk food on Xmas day

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Have a nice picky breakfast, long walk (weather permitting), quick pit stop at pub, bake some cookies and have with hot chocolate, watch a Christmas movie, get into new pj’s, have a very lazy tea or whatever the family wish, sprinkle reindeer food in garden, read The Night Before Christmas. Prepare whatever is needed for the big day inbetween all if the above. Most importantly just enjoy them being young and together. My children are 20 & 17 now and will probably be working quite a lot during the holidays. The time you have with them when it’s all still magical, is so short. Just enjoy while you can xx

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We always visit the cemetery take flowers to my husband’s grandparents (I do my grandparents a couple of days before as it’s 20 miles away) decorate biscuits for Santa. We go the pub for an hour with my husbands family. Come home Christmas Eve box for my son bath & pjs cheese and crackers with a Prosecco play games while watching Christmas films. Try wear the child out as much as humanly possible then bed for him we wait a while then presents down lock the dog out the room cos she’ll open the presents cos she’s a knob and bed for us ready for the 5am wake up call

Post by Shannon »

Christmas eve is one of my fav days of the year! We always start with breakfast with Santa every year! Come home to our Xmas eve boxes, put Christmas films on, bake cookies for Santa, then we normally see one side of the family but I don’t like it to be too late on Xmas eve as I like to do the whole getting ready for Santa then put them to bed. I like to be doing something but I also like a really chilled day
Jo ~

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Christmas Eve is one for the adults in my house…. We normally go to a local vineyard or farm shop and splurge on some really nice wine and cheese, and then go for a nice lunch somewhere as it’s the only day myself or my husband won’t end up cooking! Come home and then do Xmas Eve box and one present for the kids x

Post by Theresa »

I do a first of December box rather than Christmas eve, with pjs they can wear throughout December not just 2 nights over actual Christmas, new bauble to hang on the tree, paper chains to make and other activities such as paint your own reindeer or something, Christmas stickers, Christmas chocolates, hot chocolate and popcorn to watch a Christmas film etc. So things to lead up to Christmas over the weeks rather than just on 1 day! I know that's not quite what you asked but thought I would throw it out there!

Christmas eve we go to our church children's nativity service, refreshments after, back home order pizza, get in Christmas pjs and settle down with polar express!

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We always have a Chinese, watch Polar Express, drink hot chocolate, leave out the goodies for Santa and Rudolph then read ‘Twas the night before Christmas. After that it’s lights out so Santa can come. Then my husband and I watch Die Hard…a wee Christmas Eve tradition since before we were married and had our daughter

Post by Sara »

We make christingles( love the smell with cloves ) or decorate cookies order pizza, watch a good Christmas movie, play Pictionary then scatter raindeer food, put out treats for Santa and Rudolph, snuggle in bed for stories.

When they’ve finally gone to sleep, finish wrapping, eat Santa’s mince pie, drink his Sherry and a bit more, put stockings in their rooms, present s round the tree, maybe bed by 1am if we’re lucky.

Post by Esther »

We have the Icelandic tradition of book sharing. I got these lovely book cushions and wrap a book to put in each cushion. We then share the books, as a family. Been doing it for 2 years and the children love it.

Post by Shelley »

When I was younger we used to go to Carols on the green where a traditional brass band played Christmas songs and the lyrics were printed in our local paper to take along and sing. Then would get a Chinese takeaway on the way home and put a Christmas film on. My boys are a bit to young to do this yet so we normally do Christmas eve boxes, watch Christmas films get a takeaway and play board games. Whatever the kids want to do really. Just being together is the main thing for us.

Post by Penny »

Around 3 we go to the local park, then home for pizza dinner. Their Xmas Eve box contains pjs, hot chocolate, popcorn and “tickets” to that nights Xmas movie. Everyone gets their new pjs on while I make the hot chocolate, my other half finds the film while I run off and get my pjs on then we all snuggle for the film. After that it’s time to put snacks out for Santa, key out, carrot etc. upstairs, teeth, toilet etc and snuggle up in our bed to read “the night before Christmas” and fling the tired but excited kids in bed
Then I run downstairs and panic wrap

Post by Michelle »

We have a picky tea, all their favourite party food, we sit on the floor and put it all on the floor and watch home alone! It started when me and my hubby moved in together, we used to have loads of cheese and crackers etc, 16 years ago and carried it on when we had the children. We still have our cheeseboard though! Since having a dog last year we won’t be on the floor but the rest of it still carries on! We then do Christmas Eve boxes, they have their bath bombs from their boxes and new pjs. They love it and they say it’s better than Christmas dinner!!!! Hopefully they will carry on the tradition when they have children of their own. Love making memories 🥰 we’ve done the going out to cinema etc on Christmas Eve but the kids would rather be at home with food and a Christmas film, can’t say I blame them!

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Watch a xmas movie and stop putting pressure on yourself.

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Soft play!! every Christmas Eve! we’re always one of the only family’s there! i get 2 hours peace on an already chaotic day 😀 little ones get to burn off some excitement then we come home to bake cookies etc to leave cor Santa!

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Run round like a headless chicken, scream at everyone and threaten the kids no presents if they don't stop being arse holes... mine are 11 and 10.. then sprinkle porridge (reindeer food) on the lawn pose for the gram showing how perfect my life is and then neck a litre of baileys.

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