Are the children supposed to understand the maths behind the times table?

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Times tables.. Are there any primary school teachers or anyone who can help me with this. Primary school children (key stage 1 specifically) - Are the children supposed to understand the maths behind the times table and what is actually happening with the patterns etc in the early tables or are we meant to literally just be helping the children to remember them and rote learn them? Any ideas for ways to help little ones learn them? Have bought a CD for the car.

Many thanks x

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Hit the Button and TT Rockstars are good. Mine all started off learning 2,4,6,8 etc but now they're order they don't need to start at the begining. My 8yr old now knows if it's 6x7 he knows 5x7 easily so add another 7 etc so he's able to do most time tables now without going through them.

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My daughter is now in year 5 and in year 4 all children have to have a times tables test. With all maths they need to understand how to get the answers so they can apply it elsewhere. I used to use things such as pencils, counters etc and show them how to work it out that way, you could always write the sum down too. I think a lot of schools use something called Times tables rockstars in juniors where they answer them as quick as possible. You could always look on you tube for a video. I'm sure some teachers will have more fun suggestions too.

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A bit of both - whatever suits their learning style. My children can’t learn by rote and need to understand what’s happening so I went with Learn and understand the easy ones then use that knowledge.
E.g x2 is doubling the number so x4 is double then double again
6x 2 = double 6
6x 4 = double 6 + double again
And so on for 8x
And then the square numbers for tricky ones - most things can be worked out from these

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I would be interested to know this too. My daughter has just started in comp and still struggling. She’s been taught to just memorise the numbers- like 3,6,9,12 etc so when I ask her 4 x 7 she doesn’t know without counting on her fingers.

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