Any recommendations for socket covers full ones to encase the whole socket!

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Help a mum out.

My feral toddler keeps attacking the plug sockets.

Any recommendations for socket covers full ones to encase the whole socket.. thanks.

I'm not talking about the plug in ones. I'm talking about the ones to encase. We have one on our caravan and it locked was the outdoor one. He could never get in it and left it alone.

Post by Becky »

You don’t need to honestly put plug sockets are extremely safe.

Touching with fingers won’t be dangerous.

Post by Russ »

Plug socket covers make it easier for kids to access the live terminals.

If they take one out and turn it off it upside-down it lifts the covers that protect the live & neutral which is the last thing anyone wants to happen

Post by Sophie »

My partners an electrician and says they are dangerous, unlikely a toddler will activate the holes simultaneously

Post by Claire »

Don’t buy them honestly there more dangerous with than without, my sons the same but my other half’s and electrician and won’t have them as there not safe.

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