looking for something to do on Christmas Day for ages 13,11,4

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Hi , I’m expecting a difficult Christmas family relationships wise so am looking for something to do on Christmas Day for ages 13,11,4 that might just make them spend time with each other!

I was thinking about a hotel swimming session but they’re all shut. Staying away is NOT an option.

Please no suggestions of Christmas movies or making gingerbread etc. My kids find it very difficult to get along for personal reasons.

Looking for ideas such as an online game or party or something , or something I could hire for over the few days.

It will.

Be just me, hubby and then..

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Our local ice rink does christmas day skating session… could check if yours does?

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How about gingerbread house competition, all have to decorate your own. We’ve done as online team comp individually and also at home girls vs boys with an hour to make them and been fun (Aldi do good kits but can get at most supermarkets)

Would they play online games like bowling or something on the switch? Dance off games?

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I think if you take away the pressure you feel then it will be better. Go for a walk then a game and chill. If you feel the pressure to plan something then they will pick up on it and everyone will stress out. Take care

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I know you said no movies but you could get a blow up cinema if you have a garden and do marsh mellows and a fire.. I hired one for our boys birthday as it was lockdown and they gave blow up chairs and gazebo etc.. it was about £150

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We play Kahoot and plug the laptop into the TV so everyone can see (only works if everyone has an electronic device with Internet though) x

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We are doing quiz nights and sleepovers in the living room this Christmas, 2 adults, 2 adult children and their babies, my 14 year old and 2 dogs, everyone is excited and they don't get on great either. Xx

Post by Morag »

Volunteer with the homeless or care home together

Post by Hannah »

Last year we had an awkward Christmas. The first without our 5yr old twin boys. So there was just me, hubby and 8yr old daughter.

We hid all her presents around the house and made it into a grown up treasure hunt. We made different games and puzzles that she had to solve to gain clues. Clues hidden in the weirdest of places. We made it quite difficult so it lasted a good few hours. It was so much fun and my daughter loved every second. It added a lot of joy to a day that would otherwise had been somber.

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Where do you live? Wrap up warm and go to the beach? Take a kite, football, Frisbee and flask with hot choc in and a mince pie!

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