What country is your main character from?

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What country is your main character from?

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Not sure, the world was destroyed 2 generations ago. I doubt anyone still remembers what countrys they used to be. They all speak American English though, then again, most Europeans speak English as a second language too

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In her previous life, her family were originally from Mainland China, but she was born in England. Now she's a citizen of Atrellium, a northern kingdom.

Post by Ron »

Which book? In some, my main characters are American, in others they have been French, Indian and German.

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A fictional one called Sokren. It consists of 5 different provinces and has an inland sea. There's 2 mountain ranges, a forest and a grassland.

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No real countries in my world. Just one big continent divided into hundreds of territories ruled by petty lords of varying power. Main character doesn't even know the name of the territory he was born in just the village.

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Well she was born in the United Kingdom but but her family moved to America when she was a baby

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It's a fake place so nowhere specific but it's in Asian and is a mix of Japan and America in terms of customs and schooling(mainly)

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