Ideas for Hubby please

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We do not have money to spend on each others gifts this year, so was thinking tokens.  This will be opened privately without the kid, so can be whatever I decide.
Unfortunately my mind has gone blank as what to add:
  • Wash up his turn
  • Tickle my back
  • Back Massage
  • No housework for whole day
  • Cuddle and chat for 1 hour with no other distractions
  • Cook on his turn
  • Watch whole film together (I always do other things at same time)
  • Run a bath and tidy bathroom after me.
Please hit me with more. Please keep cleanish because of the group.

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I didn’t have enough money for my partners bday so I made vouchers. Home cooked meal of choice. Dinner out. 3 can of his favourite Japanese beer. Slippers. So he knew I had tried and it was then easier to spread out the cost for me.

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Romantic picnic for the movies. (picnic blanket on living room floor in front of tv with soft lighting)
Sensual massage
Couples bubble bath
Watch the football in peace
It's your turn
An evening doing whatever you want

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I got my husband little vials with memories in them , I also made a 52 week date ideas, one a week, majority are clean, some not so much.. Things like recreating your first ever date, go out and keep turning left until you find a destination , or keep turning right, etc. Doing things like cooking your favourite dinner or cooking his favourite

Post by Lyndsey »

I'm confused. Are you thinking of ideas he can get you? My number one would be that he thinks of his own present to save me the bother. Is he thinking of things you can do for him? Or are you doing both?

Post by Lisa »

Maybe they already have a really healthy sex life so don’t need tokens for that.

Post by Charli »

It's a little bit sad rhat some of these comments are laughing at the fact that OP has requested "cleanish" ideas. We don't know anything about OP and the fact that after her Specific request to not include anything bedroom-related, you are not only suggesting the exact thing that she requested NOT to be suggested; but you're laughing over the fact that someone might have a different sex life to you? With today's world, I'm disgusted that females would do this to another female asking for help.

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In my house it would be "Promise to sit through an entire episode of Wheeler Dealers/weird Discovery Channel documentaries about lost treasure or sea monsters without rolling my eyes or playing on my phone instead."

But that would be the BIG treat.

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I once gifted my husband a framed timer of how long we'd been together (it gave the time in years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds). I managed to collect a 1p piece minted in every year we'd been with each other and frame them with the timer.
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