I'm trying to get a job with the ambulance service which requires you to have a C1 provisional on your licence

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I've sent my medical to the DVLA and as u have anti depressant medication on there (very low dose which I'm weaning off of) they need to write to my GP for further investigation.

Now I'm panicking that they won't add it to my licence and I won't be able to go for the job.

Has anyone experienced this before?

What was the outcome? And how long did the investigation process take?

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I don’t have experience of this but I don’t think they could prevent you from getting it because of this. Antidepressant medication can be used for a lot of things (even tried it myself for gynaecology pain management on low dose).

So just sending you wishes for all the best and congratulations for you new job venture xx

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My partner had diabetes and sleep apnea and has a hgv licence. If you’re having effective treatment it shouldn’t effect it

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