Has anyone switched from Android to iPhone?

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I've nearly always had android phones and my current one is (quite literally) falling apart after 4 years of hard work.

I want something with a really good camera as I take pictures and videos for my Etsy shop, plus general family pics and videos. However, I don't like the look of the S22 Ultra (too square and I'd never use the pen), or the Pixel 7 Pro (don't like the big camera bar on the back), so I've been looking at the iPhone 14 Pro.

I have an iPad I use at work, and I like that it just works and there are never any issues with it...but I'm not sure if there's anything I'd miss moving away from android.

Does anyone have experience with any of those phones, or switching from android to iPhone?

Do things like Gmail and Google Calendar still work on iPhone?


Post by Patrick »

OK so the Oppo find x5 pro is a good camera android. If you want high spec camera then Sony or vivo Pro phones are also very good too. But where it comes to camera tech these days.

iPhone 14 Pro max and S22 ultra are the 2 best apple and android cameras but they're very on par with each other. So it more comes down to what operating system you prefer.

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I switched from android to apple about 4 years ago and I’m quite happy tbh not had issues with google calendar still works for me. I’ve got the 12 and my daughter has the 13 and we’re all happy with them I am however looking at the google phone to go to next as it’s significantly cheaper.

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I twice went to Apple and I missed the freedom both times. iPhones are ok if you want a basic phone. Android is different because it applies to everyone for whatever you want, as in more specific uses

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I had an apple for years. I switched to android 4 years ago and I'd never go back to an iPhone now!

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