Any Christmas ideas for a 16 year old lad?

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Do you have something?

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Admiral do young persons driving lessons. My son did them for his 15th birthday and had previously had a couple of sessions at Mercedes’ Benz world in their junior cars too.

He passed first time at 17 and his instructor said he could tell he’d already been behind the wheel so he skipped the first few lessons - was test ready after 20 hours of lessons. So I’d definitely recommend them!

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We are taking our 15 year old shopping in the sales, a good excuse to make him spend time with us haha

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Sorry but why do people always ask strangers what to buy their own kids? Seems so bizarre to me and it's nearly everyday

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Private driving lesson- brilliant to get them used to driving or driving experience in a sports car, my son has done both.

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Got my son a new phone, trainers, clothes, Xbox controller and gift cards. Aftershave and money. It's so hard for older boys. He will be 17 5 days after Christmas so think he will just be getting money for his birthday because I haven't got a clue what else to get him x

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I ask my older kids (17,20) to write a list of things they would like. I then go out and buy some wrap and put up under the tree. That way they have something they want but have a suprise

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My lads are 16 and 1 just wants money to get his own clothes etc and 1 just wants an upgrade from the Xbox they have now. I always buy an outfit and footwear for them and wrap ups like the obligatory lynx set and other little things like earphone or headset/controller for Xbox etc xx

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  • Tracksuit
  • Football boots
  • Trainers
  • Phone
  • Air pods
  • Aftershave

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