Dehumidifier? Recommendations? Is it worth it?

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Do you have anything to offer me?

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Don’t understand the hype about dehumidifiers at the moment for drying clothes. You spend £100+ on a unit plus the running costs. You may as well use the tumble dryer and put the heating on a little for the same cost.

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No, they are pretty much an air conditioning unit, they aren’t cheap to run, just make sure you have enough extraction in your house to take away the humidity/moisture you produce, bathroom extractors that have a timer overrun or a humidity sensor as a minimum and a kitchen extractor that vents to the outside and is on low even if you have just the oven on as cooking pizza or frozen chips etc still produces a decent amount of moisture as anyone that opens an oven door wearing glasses will tell you. Extraction of moisture is your first point of solving the issue, trying to trap it with a de-humidifier after it is already there is counter-intuitive/ shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted etc

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Blyss 16l is amazing it's in the sale atm £100 instead of £170 has a clothes drying option too!
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