Anyone got SKY GLASS.. Good points, Bad points?

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I'd Appreciate please..

Post by Gemma »

It's OK. sound and picture is good.

I miss the recording and +1 channels tho.

Post by Daz »

Do you notice ..

Most of the lady's love it but the men hate it :lol:

Post by Daz »

Don't bother.

Was going to get it.

If you're Internet goes down you screwed.

They use I player, itv player etc.

Don't think it's right at the moment stick with sky q

Post by Paul »

No it’s rubbish as live channels are 90 seconds behind from live broadcast. So not good for football fans Hearing your neighbours shouting out goal 90 seconds before you

Post by Sandra »

We've just got it. Like it. Good picture and sound. Downside is we miss the record facility and you don't have as many programmes to choose from. No plus 1 either to channels. Overall were happy with it

Post by Andrew »

If your internet goes down you don’t have sky since it runs though your WiFi
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