I’m hoping for some help and inspiration for my children’s Christmas presents

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We’ve discussed me getting them experiences as their main gift as they already have everything!! My 13 y/o son would like a flying experience (real ideally) and my 11 y/o daughter would like to go to a concert with me (she’s not specific about who we see)…
So, my questions are:
  1. has anyone done a flying experience for a child? Can they go alone (my god, that puts the fear of god in to me!!) and will it cost the earth?! (He has a flight simulator set up for his PC already but I think would be open to a flight simulation experience at an airport if that’s worth doing?).
  2. does anyone know who is doing concerts in the UK next year that a young person and I would enjoy?
Any advice and help gratefully received as I Google my weekend away.

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We bought our nephew a flying experience from buyagift for his 16th birthday. It was at Blackpool Airport, he loved it!

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My daughter loves the musical SIX, much easier to get tickets for than a pop band. I felt like I was in the middle of a little mix show and she absolutely loved it.

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Amy, I’d check out Shoreham Airport (as it’s only along the road) to see if they offer any experiences for kids. My friend did it for her son but it was for his 18th a few years back. And Pink is literally one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to- she really does put in a show.

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If your son is keen (which it sounds like he is) get him to join an air cadet group, my son (14) joined a year ago and went flying for small fee (£5) with his group. It was just him and a pilot in a small plane. We live in North Devon and he went down to Newquay airport and got to fly along the coast!! Plus the values they teach are great for our young men!! Sorry not a gift idea but something to consider? X

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For concerts, check your local theatres. We went to see Anastasia in Oxford recently and in such a small venue, it would have been perfect to take the kids. If you're in London, somewhere like the Apollo would be good.

Post by Claire »

Can’t help with the flight simulator but if she’s not fussed so much on who you see I’d do British summertime ball or maybe a day festival somewhere, lots of bands and a great atmosphere x

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Olly Murs is doing concerts next summer or Pink. Both are great in concert.

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