I’m getting at least 10 scam calls a day from various numbers

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*Spam Calls*
No matter how many I block, more keep coming.
Give me your funniest ways to answer the phone.

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When they tell me I’ve been in an accident and do I remember, I say I must have bumped my head really hard and lost my memory... they usually hang up

Post by Scott »

Answer in a really soft edgy voice and breathe heavily down the phone and just randomly giggle every now and then.

Post by Laurie »

The ones with you've had an accident my son told them was it the one where I fell out of the aeroplane.

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Good afternoon, so and so police force here, how may I help you :D And, if asking if you have had an accident, say yes, the condom split :lol: Got that idea from my dad :lol:

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Pretend to be in Santas workshop. A different role each time, head elf, Mrs Clause, Santa :lol::D

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