Can anyone recommend a bottle for a 2 year old that doesn’t leak/drip?

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My daughter goes to bed with a bottle of juice and it leak/drips from the teat iv tried a few different ones but she’s always waking up drenched.

I've tried zippy cups , beakers but she will only settle properly with a bottle

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Just get a Nike sports bottle from somewhere like sports direct.. My son has done the same all his life or a NUK kiddy cup they were best when he was a bit smaller and no straw literally just sucks and drink.

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Mine only liked the nuby sip and grip as it had a soft top like a bottle

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My daughter still has her bottle milk ,she nearly 3 these girls bless hope find a bottle don't leak .

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Camelbak drinks bottles are great as they need to suck so they don't spill. My 8yo has had his since about 2. You can buy replacement mouthpieces if they chew it!

I would switch to water as juice is not good for their teet x

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