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Crying in the car after the school run after my teenage son said he feels I have a personal vendetta against him I'm always telling him off..

He does nothing around the house is very lazy I work 50+ hours a week 4 sleepins a week on top come home at 7am and spent 20 mins trying to get him out of bed for school I also have his 6 year old sister to get ready and walk the dog..

I asked him to wash up 1 plate last night he left it on the table I moaned so he feels I hate him and I'm sobbing 🙈 no point to this post maybe someone can relate I feel up against it.. (I'm working extra to take them to Africa which he also moaned about).. Why not the Caribbean he said?

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I know it doesn’t help in the immediate future, but I can assure you when he’s older, he will absolutely look back and really appreciate you and everything you’ve done for them and what an amazing Mum you are. He’ll tell others about how hard you worked for them and made sure they didn’t go without and all the things you do for them. They just know how to throw things in our face and push our buttons now to try and avoid taking responsibility that’s all. My 9 year old constantly tells me that I love her sister more than her. When you delve into it, she will admire she knows it’s not true, but I explain to her it hurts my feelings when she says that and how would she feel if I said she had a favourite between me and Daddy. x

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I have a 16 year old ASD daughter who also has a connective tissue disorder. This age is difficult for teenagers with the all the hormones running through them, add autism into the mix and things become even more challenging. I always say autism isn’t an excuse for unacceptable behaviour but it helps to understand why those on the spectrum behave at times the way they do.

I would set clear expectations about what’s expected in regards to helping around the house and what the consequences are if those jobs aren’t done.

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Please tell him from me Africa is so much more an experience than the Caribbean! I lived in Makawi and it’s my dream to take my daughter so she can experience it! Well done you for being brave not many pick that destination and he will ALWAYS look back on that trip!

With regards to thinking you gave a vendetta- unfortunately that is the course with raising children. I salute you

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