I'm looking at some ideas for a well being day for a group of 9 staff members, 7 women, 2 men

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We all work in a special needs school for severely disabled children we have been told we can have a well being day off site I'm planning the day but in need off some ideas ideally free or super cheap or something donated/funded we can do for a special treat please spam me with ur ideas.

I'm already thinking of contacting our local florist for a flower arranging session or a cake company we can bake a cake but I'm just not sure I really want it to be a great day for all.
Ready steady go 🙏❤

Can I add were maidenhead based.

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How about making a Christmas wreath? I always look at those events at local florist’s etc x

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I've been doing mindlefullness and meditation sessions while I've been away. And actually I think they're really helped with my wellbeing. It's nice if you can get a person in. But if money is an issue then I'm planning to YouTube it when I'm home.

Just ensure mat, pillow and blanket for each person to be comfy.

I think it's also good to find out from the staff anything they'd like and not like. E.g. I've been trying different exercise sessions out and some I've loved and will continue when home as think they help my wellbeing others might not do again. Depending on feedback of team may help to know what will help them.

Exercise session then stretch with mindfulness or meditation is really nice mix.

Could also get some face packs (can get cheap ones) or footpaths for those who don't like face packs.

If you have gyms around you with juccuzzi/suana/steam room they can be lovely break between sessions too (again if it works for people) and do have healing properties for most

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With the staff at my school we did plate painting and the plates were then fired and I still have it.

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If you have a local kayaking/paddle board place that’s usually fun.

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