My almost 18 month old is getting worse and worse with her eating

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Stuff that she used to be happy to eat, like pasta and fruits, even those have stopped in the last few weeks and they were my fall back.

Now that her selection of foods that she WILL eat have diminished even more, what do I actually DO? Do I just give her what I know she'll eat? Even though I feel that's why she's got worse recently, because she's fed up of the same food?! Do I KEEP trying to offer other foods even though she won't even put them NEAR her mouth, never mind tasting them?!

I'm genuinely at a loss as to what to do through the day with her!

We're basically down to toast, apple, banana, cheese and smoothie. Pasta was always my way of sneaking veg into her but now that won't even work!!

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If you've been hiding foods, that's why she's dropped safe foods. She's lost some trust in you.

So yes, feed only safe foods for a bit. Let her regain confidence in food and in you.

Then offer some lost safes, the way she likes them, and see if she'll try them again. It has to be no pressure. If she declines, just cheerfully say "no problem, you don't want pasta today!"

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My 20 month old is the same. Won’t even touch new foods but I always expose her to new foods and safe foods. Today was day 3 of introducing a new food, and she took a couple of bites. I honestly don’t stress about it anymore. I just worry about the next meal she eats.

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My daughter is the same! She’s 16.5 months old.. she was already picky and then she got sick then now, she’s spitting pasta out!!! I don’t even know what to feed her already - she only likes strawberries, udon noodles, honey graham crackers, green grapes, deli ham, specific spaghetti from a restaurant…

She used to like plain yogurt, sardines, Avocado, cheese, pasta but I noticed not as much as she used to!

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Give her her safe foods and a couple new ones. My son has gone through this regression many times and is 2.5 and eats pretty well now (we still have our regressions though). Just keep on keeping on. She'll bounce back!

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Family Style meals just means one adult eating with bub. So, it's okay if it's just you.

Start with yourself. Cook and eat what you want. Try to branch out. Buy a cookbook for beginners.

Every meal, serve bub a safe food. He's little, it can literally be avocado slices. Sit down and write a list of every one of bubs safe foods. There's probably a few more than you think.
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