I don’t know how to create a good meal plan for my son or how to feed him better

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Hi, I’m hoping for some help. My son is almost 18 months old and is a picky eater already. I’ve had feeding issues with him from day one. Now he eats primarily sweet potato and buttered avocado toast and fruit pouches for snacks.

I offer little bits of other items (beans, veggies, pasta, meat, eggs) but he doesn’t want to try them.

He is also lactose intolerant.

I’ve tried to get help from other Facebook groups but I just get suggestions like do ‘kids eat in color’ (which I bought but is seriously overwhelming).

For various reasons, my husband and I don’t eat dinners together and that isn’t going to change (please don’t suggest it).

I don’t know how to create a good meal plan for my son or how to feed him better.

Everyday I’m scared. Also, I hate cooking and am not very good at it nor meal planning but I am trying my best. I know it’s not good enough. I’m just at such a loss. Can anyone help, please?

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Just you eating with your baby is OK.

You cook what you'll eat along with serving his safe foods. You eat your food and place some outside of his plate to explore (not eat).

Just enjoy time spent together.
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