I'm giving up my daughter refuses to eat anything I make or anything that isn't cheese sticks, yogurt and chocolate milk

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Please I'm giving up my daughter refuses to eat anything I make or anything that isn't cheese sticks, yogurt and chocolate milk. Like she will not eat anything that is "FOOD" Unless she has those three and I have to give her chocolate fiber bars because she can't poop properly (rabbit turds).

She told me she doesn't like my food she only likes Ashley's her brother and sisters mother's food.

I broke down because I took it personal. Because it's not the first time she said she hates my food.

She's 3 and she used to eat everything then one day she just wouldn't eat meals just cheese yogurt and chocolate milk.

I'm so fucking done I am a failure as a mother I can't feed my damn kid

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Kids usually eat better or likely to try something new when eating with other kids. Maybe try that.

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I'm unsure if this was shared already (tried scanning all comments) but would you be open to asking Ashley to share what she cooks and uses? Maybe it's a seasoning you don't have? Even ask Ashley to help by randomly tell your daughter she made dinner and you would heat it up. Similar to the person who said you can say Ashley made it for her. My daughter currently eats little to no breakfast, lunch only at daycare never with me, and dinner is just so far laughable. 🙃 You got this!

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I'm so sorry you're feeling hurt by it, but know that she isn't trying to hurt your feelings. My daughter refused to try new things except for at my dads house. She always tries whatever snacks he has out like triscuits, dried cranberries, etc. She would have never tried them if I offered, so I just started bringing her over there as much as possible. We always left with a new food tried and added to her list of like foods.

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I was looking through a cookbook the other day and later my son said, "mom, if you have books why does all your food taste disgusting." Honestly I thought it was hilarious. They hate everything- it has nothing to do with what we do or serve. I also think other peoples food is novel so the grass us always greener in someone else's kitchen. No worries mama.

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You are not a failure! You are a great mom and you are doing everything you can to help your child. You are not alone. My son dropped everything that I used to feed him at 2. He is 7 now and was diagnosed with ARFID. He now eats only hard, crunchy, dry, processed, bagged snacks. We have been working on adding new foods with a feeding therapist for three years and counting. I still have hope that he will eat more. I have hope that your child will too.

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I totally understand the feeling. It's like, mums who don't feed their kids are neglectful mums, right? So if I'm not feeding my kid, I must be neglectful.

But that narrative doesn't take into account picky kids who refuse to eat. All you u do is your best. I'm not neglectful, I'm offering food.

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You’re definitely not a failure, and i understand why you took that personal… sometimes i spend all day cooking and my kids “yuck ugh ew” before they even taste it lol. If i were you i would just tell her Ashley made it for her… if u can’t beat ‘em, join em… if it works, I’m sure after a short while she’ll forget, and just be eating

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I don’t have a magic solution but I just want you to know I understand. You’re not a failure. You care deeply. My daughter won’t eat much either. Her same repeat foods day after day, very few containing actual nutrients and vitamins she needs. I knew parenting would be hard but I never imagined something as simple as feeding my child good healthy balanced food much less ANY food would be so hard. She’s just not hungry or interested. It’s so stressful. Hang in there. Don’t give up.

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Don't beat yourself mom, it's your job to provide the food and they are in charge of eating it you cannot control that. But I understand it's defeating when you make something and they don't eat it. Maybe try asking what the other mom makes that she likes, or put food in a Tupperware and tell them the other mom packed it for them to see if they eat it or not? Just a thought, hand in there momma.
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