Do y’all say safe food cause they have food allergies or safe foods cause that’s what they like?

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Can I ask something no judgment just curious. Do y’all say safe food cause they have food allergies or safe foods cause that’s what they like? Like my oldest has food allergies I say he has safe foods cause that’s what it is.

My youngest is picky so I say he has favorite foods. It just really throws me off and confuses me.

Also note my son finally will eat a chicken nugget today he tried a chicken chunk from sams. The only meat I can get him to eat pretty stoked

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You could absolutely still use the terms you're using now. How I see it is that safe foods are foods that kiddo is happily willing to eat. Maybe not all the time, but foods that kiddo does/can eat. Unsafe foods to me would be foods that kiddo doesn't like or is allergic to or won't eat for whatever the reason may be. To me, it's basically a "yes" and "no" chart for whether or not they'll eat it.

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I also have 2 allergy babies who are picky eaters.

Both communities use the phrase Safe Food.

If I'm posting in this group I usually say allergy-safe if I'm talking about allergies. I never post in allergy groups about picky eating so it's not an issue.

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I don’t like the term “safe foods” for a variety of reasons. One being that something totally unhealthy and loaded with chemicals is labeled as safe just because a child desires it and will consume it. Whereas a carrot or an apple, at least in my household are not safe foods...does that make them unsafe?? lol. In my opinion the terms “routine” or “preferred” food would make more sense in the context that it is intended for, but I follow the rules of the group so...

My daughter does not have allergies so I haven’t even considered the confusion of having to account for foods that cause reaction versus foods that she’s just not interested in.

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I guess interchangeably? When I say ‘safe’ talking about my son, it means his preferred foods but if I’m speaking in general about a group of kids I’ll say safe for allergy free.

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In this group, “safe food” means something that the child will eat. It doesn’t have anything to do with allergies.

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I refer to them as “safe foods” because they are literally “safe” to my son. That’s how he’s views them. Everything else makes him feel nervous, sick, uncomfortable, etc.

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I don't refer to them as safe foods apart from on here as that seems to be what people say, to me in life safe foods are non allergy foods. I just call it food they like.
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