I'm running out of ideas what to buy or cook for my 21 months old bub

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I'm having headaches having to think about it everyday.

She's cows milk protein allergy so it's quite hard to find something precooked in the supermarket as well as in takeaway shops. I'm cooking Vietnamese food at home for my picky eater husband but my bub is bored of Vietnamese food and she's only interested in Western food.

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Bulgur rice from Refika s Kitchen on YouTube. My friends daughter love it

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Baked potato, steam vegetables, rice and beans, chicken patty, baked fish, pizza with dairy free cheese, pasta with veggie pesto sauce

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Dairy free is pretty easy. Pickiness aside, you can make basically any cuisine.
Asian: stir fries, curries etc
Indian: lots of jars of sauces are DF, just use coconut milk instead to cook with
Italian: pizza with no cheese, tomato based pasta sauces. If you want a carbonara you can use oat cream, it tastes very similar to dairy cream
Mexican: you just leave out the sour cream and cheese. You can make chilli con carne, burritos, tacos
You can also make burgers, schnitzel, sausages, nuggets, roast beef and veggies, baked chicken and veggies.
I've been DF for yearssssss.
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