How do I solve or make this better for both of us…

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5 years old.. always starving.. but never wants anything i offer. I Have tried just giving him food, he declines, I have let him try to pick what he wants and he wants nothing.

He tells me to choose for him and it’s never right. But he’s constantly crying that he’s hungry.

I don’t know what to do. It’s like this for breakfast snacks and dinner, he eats lunch at school and eats whatever I send him.

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If the actual eating isn’t the problem..

maybe more opportunity to eat .. might work..

if he’s over hungry .. he might be too overwhelmed to choice/eat even..

I’m just curious.. what would happen if you offered pre meal food..

Like see what happens if when he wakes up in the morning.. see if he will eat something before he even gets up..

cheese string or a cracker

Have a tea time between after school and dinner..

And if he bulks at it .. just be like .. well is not our dinner dinner .. so let’s just try some of it .. and then go back in like an hour and a half and present actual dinner ..

Nothing elaborate but like half a sandwich or peanut butter on crackers and banana slices ..

Then maybe when dinner is served if he had even a couple bites of something earlier it might be enough to get the ball rolling at dinner with out the stress of him being super/over hungry ..

And if he doesn’t eat dinner or much of it .. he had tea .. and then could be offered something filling as a before bed snack

Again the magic combo of fat protien carb .. helps them sleep and not wake up super hungry ..

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This is the same for my daughter who goes to daycare. She eats great there. (Breakfast, lunch and snacks) then she comes home and eats very little. Moreso, snacks. I usually make her a charcuterie board (Choo Choo plate) and just let her pick at the foods. This is a tricky age, maybe just try and keep it simple? On the weekends, I get my daughter to pick what she wants to eat and she helps me cook it... then she will tell me that she made it for me and not eat. But in the prep meal time, she is snacking on whatever we are preping. If she's hungry, she will eat. If not, tomorrow is a new day.

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Maybe next time you go to the grocery store, go down all the aisles and have him pick some foods that he’s interested in?

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I find that when it’s this they are craving something but they just aren’t sure. I actually went through this as a teen and found it was linked to my sugar levels. Getting a bunch of things out and getting him to see what he might feel like. I even go as far as making multiple things. Another thing is making sure they aren’t thirsty. Offering a drink also just in case it’s actually thirst. An ice block is a good option that solves both. Other things can be jelly, crackers with cheese, my son loves croissant with ham and cheese, or toast with tomato and melted cheese on top.
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