Is there anything she can do to help her with the allergy or eliminate it?

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A friend of mine's mother had an implant placed in the knee 2/3 months ago.

Since then, she has developed a rash all over her body.

She has done an allergy test, and she came back positive for metal that is in the knee.

Is there anything she can do to help her with the allergy or eliminate it?

She has been taking allergy medications, but they are not helping.

Thank you

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Any major surgery is super stressful for the body. Take Loads of antioxidants To counteract the anaesthetic which takes a loong time to be removed. Go on an elimination diet to rest your immune system. That is, eat nothing but fatty red meat and water for a minimum of 2 weeks. Slowly reintroduce 1 vegetable at a time if you react do not eat. If you don't eat it but put aside until you've tested all the other fruit n veg. Take fulvic acid and diatomaceous earth to help the body rid itself of toxins.

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Titanium or ceramic which I think was pointed out. Today I was told about some sort of gel as well which I’m going to investigate because my knee needs replacing. It’s nothing to do with the aesthetic or any other drugs or fluids they have her during her stay? That must be so frustrating.

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I’m sure they do ceramic pieces.. it sounds like she needs it removed bc it may actually just get worse not tamed..
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