7 weeks into CBO protocol, bloating is worse than ever before

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Purchased intestinal cleanse, I am not day 4 with only 1 bowel movement in the 4 days. I’ve never experienced this bad bloating and constripation before. No food has been changed, routine water etc is the same.

This is just dragging me down every single day. I cannot imagine the amount of poo and toxins swirling around my stomach. Massive fatigue and brain fog. Cannot wear my clothes because they are so tight. Stomach is bloated upon wakening and only gets bigger as the day goes on.

I went to the dr he advised movicol to help soften things and day 3 with that, still no different.

It’s almost getting to the point I’m affraid my stomach is actually going to explode.

I’ve booked in for a colonic today, no other option for some relief.

I’ve been doing Dr Cabral CBO and candida protocol.

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So I've just looked up dr Cabral... Excerpt attached... First of all stop poisoning yourself with those toxic seeds and plants. There is no such thing as a healthy seed oil. And the spinach he's talking about is full of oxalates. If you want to cleanse your gut out go to the chemist and buy a 'fleet'. If you want to get rid of Candida stop eating carbs (all carbs = fruit n veg) and eat fatty meat. Plants are not your friend. It's a myth you need cleansing. Just stop eating the foods that are causing the damage = Processed, wheat, sugar, and most vegetables. Good luck


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Lactulose will save you, trust me!

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I’ve had a look at the protocol you are on & You are taking a LOT! If you are taking the whole Protocol.

I would reach out to the company & get them to advise how to reduce & structure what you are taking.

Adding anything else will make your current symptoms worse.

I also read you are doing colonics; these can make things worse if you already have dysbiosis.

You are not eliminating effectively & need to go back to basics to get your bowels moving; hydration, slippery elm/Phgg/Kfibre.

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Lots of things alter the movement through the gut. First of all start to deal with the brain fog. Have a half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate away from meals. This will help neutralise the cause of the fog. Acidosis.

Second add apple cider vinegar before your meal. Both of these will help with the bloating as well.

Melatonin is the main hormone/neurotransmitter that get movement going. You can take it at night or add some tryptophan if you can get them. If you’re in Oz then you have to order on iHerb.

Lots of other things you can do as well.
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