I have Oxalate overload as its affecting my kidneys and I'm experiencing urgent bladder, where I can not move!

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Was diagnosed as Coeliac 7yrs ago then went vegan for 6yrs and now having these issues.

So no more plants until I get this sorted.

Any Good suggestions please.


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Oxalates are not the problem it is how your body deals with them. In most cases bacteria in the gut like acidophilus breaks down the oxalates but if you do not have the right microbiome you run into problems. Start by fixing the gut.

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Listen to a podcast called
Episode 37 with Sally Norton.
You'll get a lot of your answers there.
Sadly most of the world believes plants are healthy... They are not. They are full of toxins designed over 100's of millions of years to make the consumer sick. Most plants contain them. There are over 10 of these "antinutrients" that are causing the world insurmountable damage. You should never eat oxalate containing foods again and go on a more meat based regime of eating
Good luck
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