I heard that cats can detect illness

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We have 4 cats. One my fiance had when I met him. He was still a kitten when we met. He was equally loveable to both of us. He has been standoffish to both of us for a while.

We were in transition to moving into a house we were buying.

We stayed with my fiance's brother for a month.

The last 3 days we were there the cat started coming up onto the bed at night being affectionate.

We moved into the house on November 4th. This cat has not come to lay on my lap since May of 2019.

He has been napping on my lap now for 3 days. It's weird behavior for him.

I heard that cats can detect illness. Or it could be that he feels like he is in his furever home.

For context-this is the 4th time he has moved with us.

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Cats get very stressed when moved occur. This is normal. Sounds like your baby finally feels safe.

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Cats can sense things like your anxiety too. He may have picked up on the difference of comfort between each move. I have moved with one of my cats twice now and the other 2 have been in a rescue and moved with me once. To a much smaller confined space at that and all of them have noticed a difference and are cuddlier with me. They pick up on your vibes.

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I can’t offer any help, but my cat used to sleep on my chest or by my feet for years. Then all of a sudden she quit! We even put her up here and she hisses and jumps back down! Idk what’s changed, she’s 13 so I’m guessing age, idk what else it could be.

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You need to take the cat to the vet any time there's a change in behavior. Cats are stoic and suffer in silence, this is a huge red flag. Please take to the vet.

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It could be the move. We've moved a few times with cats, but there was one boy, a long, long time ago, that really reacted to everything about the move. He was super stressed as things were moved out of the house and he was so very relieved when we finally removed him from the house, when he was finally back with us instead of still inside that house that was now so empty. His reactions to the move were totally out of character for him -- but he eventually settled back in just fine.
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