I recently started working at a Dog Shelter. Should I be showering asap when I get home?

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I strip alll my work clothes off before i even enter my house but I’m not sure if i could be transferring anything by my hair or anything.

There is Dogs with parvo at the shelter but I don’t come in contact with them at all.

However we don’t know if they have parvo right away.

Am I being safe enough by stripping before entering my home and washing my hands and arms before touching my Cats?

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Yes, for sure. Shower with hot water and soap.

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I am far from an expert on this, but I think your biggest risk is what you bring in on your shoes. Assuming you're washing and sanitizing your hands before you even leave the shelter, then I believe your biggest risk is your shoes. If you remove your shoes before you enter your house and hand sanitize, and possibily change clothes, I think you've done about all you can. There will always be a risk of tracking in the parvo virus no matter where you work or where you go.

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Yep, animal behaviourist, worked in shelters and kennels and catteries and foster cats at home. Stripping and showering is a very very good idea. Also, would suggest storing the shoes you wear to the shelter somewhere separate from your cats and other shoes, reason why there's often disinfectant mats all around zoos and shelters is because shoes are a big spreader of disease without people really thinking about it.

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Yeah I would shower right away too... Definitely can't hurt.

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Yes. As someone who worked at a shelter and still volunteers, absolutely at the very least strip out of your clothing and put into the wash and wash hands/arms. Shoes are a huge issue since it can get fecal matter on it even if you can't see it. I recommended that my volunteers keep a separate set of shelter clothes and shoes.
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