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On Nov 12 2022 we bathed all 6 of our animals in a flea shampoo, fogged the house, applied a topical flea treatment and washed all the pet bedding.

On Nov 18th I noticed a live flea on one of the pets, sprayed them down in a topical flea spray.

Today (Nov 20) I found yet another live flea and sprayed them down again with the topical spray.

I don't know what to do to get rid of these guys. Treating the yard is not possible, we have hard wood floors.

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Any flea treatment available over the counter is not guaranteed to work. Any treatment from the vets is guaranteed. It is worth noting however that once your dogs are properly protected you may once in a while find a flea trying to get onto them but because they are properly protected they won’t be able to do much.

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I once had a horrible flea infestation after a hurricane hit my area. The fleas will lay eggs on furniture, bedding, rugs, basically anywhere that is cloth. Vacuum everything, even the mattress. Mix 1 oz. neem oil to every 8 oz. of Isopropyl alcohol. Put it in a carpet cleaner/shampooer and basically clean anything that is cloth fabric. Repeat in about 10 days when the flea eggs hatch again.

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Dawn dish soap and it works Great . Please don't put all that chemicals on your furbabies. Vacuum every day and you can put Dawn and water in a spray bottle and spray your carpet and their bedding . Vacuuming every day breaks open the flea eggs and kills them. BUT YOUHAVE to Vacuum all the time and spray the sawn once a week . Empty your Vacuum as soon as you are done . Flea collars are very harmful to animals

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You need the flea pill from vet, yes, not cheap but they work! All those flea sprays and solutions are expensive and don't work well. You also need to vacuum every day for a couple weeks and wash all bedding and blankets!! I finally got the pills for my 3 little dogs and drops for cats(my kitty brought the fleas home)the fleas were coming to the surface of their fur and dying right in front of my eyes, crazy how it works, but it does!

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I'm a pest control tech for 20+ years the most important part of flea n tick control is vacuum three times a day , foggers aren't good for anything except spaces u can't reach get a do it yourself pest sprayer at Walmart poison sprayer all in one adjust it to spray a mist and do ALL carpet pet beds furniture if sofa chair pads come out do both sides they lay millions of eggs a week and hatch every 7-10 days so when you do it first time do it again 7-10 days later and again 7-10 days after that after 2nd house spray dip sll pets again 15 days apart vacuum 3 times a day , spray all places inside and outside they tend to hang around, I'll guarantee you they'll be gone, at Walmart get the flea packs you put on there necks , every 3 months

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It takes a few months to get rid of fleas completely. You have hardwood floors but they can live in bedding, hide in your couch, hide in baseboards, etc. You can buy hardwood safe treatment. Basically when you treat your pets, you are killing the ones on them but not the eggs that haven’t hatched yet. You need to kill at all stages of the life cycle.
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