I am pretty sure my veterinarian thinks I am paranoid and just anxious

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Hello Everyone, PLEASE BE KIND!

I am at my wits end with feeling concerned and worried and also that I shouldn’t be concerned or worried when it comes to my dog Bentley. Long story short last Friday I found a tick on Bentley and we have been traveling to and from Virginia in the last week and so I was not 100% certain that it didn’t come from there and I wasn’t really certain how long it had been there so I was slightly concerned. I tried to remove it and the head got caught and so I ended up having to take him to the vet last Saturday and they got the head out and cleaned the lesion really well and prescribed him an antibiotic called Cephalexin. Brief version of the last few days after I started giving him that is basically he had some mild side effects of it as in vomiting and a little bit of diarrhea, and then slowly stopped eating so Tuesday morning my veterinarian recommended we just stopped giving Bentley the antibiotic and hopefully his appetite will come back. The last time Bentley has eaten a bowl of his dog food is Monday morning, he did eat a couple bites of his food yesterday but then vomited it up. If I’ll try to give him cheese or ham or chicken or anything like that he will eat it right up and he will eat his treats, and for the most part he acts pretty normal and so I’m not really sure why he’s not wanting to eat his food.

Sidenote is it was a little odd on Monday evening my brother has a Havanese as well named jingle and she was at our house and she ate a bowl of Bentley‘s food like she’s done hundreds of times, but as soon as she got done eating it she immediately threw up. That was very odd as she has never gotten sick from eating that food and it was very odd for Bentley to go this long without eating his food as the most I think he’s gone is may be a day or two.

I am pretty sure my veterinarian thinks I am paranoid and just anxious as my parents and pretty much everyone in my family, which I do admit I do struggle with anxiety, but if everyone knew what I have been through and the situation I’ve been through in the past you all would understand my anxiety especially when it comes to the health of my dog. Bentley means absolute world to me and I certainly am not trying to be crazy or paranoid or put him through unnecessary things, but at the same time it is hard for me to let things be and potentially let them get worse.

I am reaching out for advice from anyone on here that is in the medical field or just very informative when it comes to dogs to see if what advice anyone would offer? He eats hills science diet sensitive skin and stomach little bites has anyone had any issues with this food? I worry about starting a different food because I know you were supposed to gradually introduce a new food to avoid stomach upset, but if he won’t eat his old food there’s not really a way to slowly introduce it. I just am very frustrated because on the outside it does look like I’m obsessing over nothing because he doesn’t look or act sick, but on the inside they’re just these little things that I notice and I it would just be nice to know that people out there don’t think I’m totally crazy and it would just be nice to get some advice/support on anything anyone has to offer.

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Try changing his food completely rly. Get Whiskas dried or Harrington’s. Why no wet? They love it. Try Whiskas first as they all seem to.

Love it!

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Could of you gotten a bad bag of dog food? Seems odd they would both be sick after eating the food.

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My dog suddenly stopped eating his food after years of gobbling it down. He's not sick and no other symptoms. You can slowly introduce a new food by just mixing it in with the old food. That's usually enough to get them to eat again. As for my dog, I'm not going to entirely switch to the new food.....he's happy to eat his food as long as a little of the new food is mixed in. I also always add water to both of his meals each day, but you don't need to do that.

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I think what is telling to me is that the other dog threw up the food as well. It might just have gone bad or been a bad batch that we don’t know about.

I would be concerned too! For now offer plain rice and boiled chicken and get a new small bag of the food and slowly reintroduce it. I use the same brand for my baby so I think it is a good brand. Might just be that bag or it might be stale?

I have anxiety as well so I completely understand but you are doing the right things and the fact that you are self aware and admit to anxiety is great because it is then easier to tell the difference between your gut telling you something is off and your anxiety telling you to worry.

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give him some rice and potato for a couple days then go pick up a different bag of food. You might have got a bad bag or moisture got in and caused rot or something. I def would not give that food to any more animals.

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I mean this in the kindest way… people can have medical ocd and health anxiety. I have a very close friend who suffers from this. For years we exhaustively discussed her medical concerns which changed very often, and oftentimes included her pets. I recognized what the issue was but she didn’t get help until very recently. It was exhausting and terrifying for her.

Since she’s been diagnosed and gotten help she’s a totally different person. She’s happy and a lot more carefree.

I obviously don’t know you, I only see your posts on this page, so if I’m overstepping I apologize. If you could talk with a professional about your concerns it may help.
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