I’m trying to create a poor man’s redlight district

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“Dive bars lined the street, all with names of high-dollar, fancy clubs, the Flamingo, Whiskey a Go-Go, the Apollo, and Park's Place.”

When I was young, these were clubs and discos we all knew. It occurred to me that anyone under fifty might not recognize them. You tell me. Are they still well known, or do I need more mordant hangouts, and what would they be? I’m trying to create a poor man’s redlight district.

(no spell corrections, please)

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Make up some interesting names for those places. Have fun doing it. Good luck 🍀 to you.

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A poor man’s red light district is a defunct, run-down avenue of soiled and dirty yesterdays. The bar names reflect those yesterday’s perfectly. I’d spin something into the description similar to my explanation - yesterdays hero’s visiting with yesterday’s ‘hot-spots’ and let the irony be part of the story.

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Crazy Horse (Las Vegas), The Strip Club (actually a paint stripping company), Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn (a bar and hotel just outside of Anchorage), Port Tack Firehouse (was a bar in 'Vegas), Mickey Finn's (later named Finn's in Boston), The Firm (Gentlemen's club in Adelaide).... was this what you meant? OH!! And there was P.J.Bottoms in Las Vegas near the Circus Circus.

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