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Is a piece of classical writing.

Great expectations was my expectation on the completion and publishing of my book.

Much to my amazement my family and friends showed very little interest in what I thought was a 'great' accomplishment. One family member said 'Oh! that's good what else do you do in your retirement?'

My whole point in this is, family, people, loving as they are, have no, or little understanding of what goes into the writing of a book, the hours , the self doubt, the ongoing endless editing and so on.

That's why it is so helpful to belong to, where you are understood and supported from experience.

I must add that family and friends, I found don't make good Proof readers either. "Oh that's wonderful! Fantastic, Wish I could write like that." etc.

Great to belong and wonderful to be understood.

Yours in becoming a better writer.

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Totally agree!

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Same here. When working on my first novel, they all said they would read it. Most probably thought I would not finish it, as none have shown any interest in reading it.

Lucky for me three of my work colleagues read it and gave good feedback.

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Lesson learnt the hard way, sorry I always reccommend joining a local writing forum. They will provide you with honest, unbiased feedback.

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